Welcome to me adapting!

Hello! If you’re reading this, you have found the first entry in the brand new website for MasakoX-related content.

But Masako! Why are you making a website? You have plenty of avenues for expression already with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Yeah that is true. However, with events such as Article 13, the Tumblr crackdown and net neutrality siphoning avenues of expression, I felt it necessary to formulate an independent locale for my content.

OK, downer over. This isn’t going to be a giant undertaking or some kind of sea change for the direction of what I do. This place is essentially where I can keep you guys informed about what I’m doing on a relatively stable platform and possibly introduce you to different platforms I’m on you may not have otherwise known about.

So here’s to MasakoX.com (yeah it sounds like something else but a dot com website? I’ll take the jokes!)!

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