My Top 5 Favourite What Ifs

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It’s quite right to say that I have a lot of what ifs on the go on the MasakoX channel…I need to finish some of them that’s for sure. However, over the last couple of years, I have certainly come to love some of the series more than others.

This could be down to a number of reasons. Either the story has gone on for a long time so I become attached to them, the content of the story has been particularly engaging or different or simply I like the premise outright! In any case, here are 5 of my favourite what ifs I’ve done since I began in early 2017. (Note: Raditz Turned Good is not included to make things less obvious!) [Hover over the thumbnails to go straight to the videos!]


Really? Yeah. One of my most recent scenarios has become one of my favourites due to its unusual premise. Trunks, through a glitch in the time machine, was sent nearly two decades too early and thusly ended up in the world of Age 750 – a time before his own mother had even met Goku…and had now taken a liking to her future son. Uh-oh.

Naturally the inclusion of Future Trunks makes things so much less tense but I feel like Trunks wouldn’t stay for very long, but for the time he WOULD be in the story, it would be a very life-changing time for him. A chance to see Earth in peace and to see life from another angle. The future is no fun but this past could very well be the fun that he needs to see a whole new perspective on life and the kind of life he’d wish to fight for. It’s only one part so far, but I do plan to revisit it very soon and elaborate on the teenage hijinks!


One of my more ambitious what ifs concerns the idea of changing Goku’s gender from male to female. Does it make a difference? Well, over five parts, the basic components of Goku are pretty much intact. The biggest differences being that Bulma is more inclined to be friends with female Goku and thusly Goku is exposed more to Earth culture and her social skills are vastly improved.

However, over time, her Saiyan origins come to the fore and it leads to her friendships being tested to the extreme. The team she’s fought with for years may be fracturing once Namek becomes a thing. This idea of Goku being more socially adept whilst also just as strong as before is a very captivating scenario which is free of sexual tension that befalls many other interpretations of this thought experiment. I’m very much OK with this Goku not having kids!

Is there more we can do with this Goku? Certainly! We’ve got loads of time yet.


This what if was one of the first purely what if scenarios on the channel. Back in March 2017, I talked about the idea of Goku having never met Bulma, the mystical adventure never taking place.

It was a bold move because without this meeting, Dragon Ball as we know it could never happen. These two would miss each other and never come together to find the Dragon Balls. Goku would have just stayed in the forest and as for Bulma…oh dear. It wouldn’t have been pretty. I like this one so much because it’s one of my boldest and less forgiving stories based on Toriyama’s work; it is just so blunt! That and Raditz ends up being a badass in it!

Probably one of my shortest and most bleak what ifs going, this is definitely the video that set the tone for my what if layout and workflow to this day. If you wish to see where this format began, look no further than this not so mystical adventure.


Believe it or not, this is not my favourite but it is right up there. Not just because it’s about to become the most watched what if series on my channel, but because it took a character which hadn’t gotten much love due to Minus’ reputation and gave her a new lease of life.

Nowadays, Gine is much more accepted within the Dragon Ball community and I would like to think my what if had something to do with it. Then again, it would be bold of me to assume such a thing, but still, I had fun with this and still do. Gine’s lack of confidence on Planet Vegeta became a distant memory and in this tale, she discovered what she could truly do and her true potential. She basically tanked King Piccolo without even trying! How cool is that?!

Now about to head for a potential Super Saiyan boost, I am unsure where to take this character into the future, but there is plenty of adoration I have for this story that I want to keep it going for you and to do Gine justice despite her very brief time in the official lore.


Now this story. This story is one of the most unexpected twists I could think of. Having gotten this idea a couple of times from fans, I didn’t think much would happen at first…but then…I thought about it more and realised that this is an amazing idea and yet so simple. Had Freeza listened to Goku on Namek and left quietly instead of defying Goku to the end, this could’ve led to Freeza bettering himself and thusly positioning himself as a fierce power later on.

Despite not regaining his original body, Freeza is able to upgrade it further and further and has more of his body than before. With the chance to enhance himself and his mind, Freeza lives for another day and can still rule over the galaxy biding his time for the day that Goku and he meet again and he can settle the score. It makes Freeza mature faster than expected and thusly has made the idea a hell of a lot of fun to muse over. Expect a second part VERY soon. I just want to do it justice.

So there we go! My top 5 favourite what if scenarios. I love all of them but these stories are just tellings that somehow speak more to me and hold a spot in my heart. What are your 5 favourite what ifs? Leave a comment and be sure to spread this post around! Take care!

19 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favourite What Ifs

  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t include What if Cell Turned Good, considering that you’ve said many times how much you love that What if.

  2. Great list, Gine is my personal favorite but Frieza comes in at a close second. Also small feedback, your website is kind of difficult to read because the text is a grey color on a dark purple. Perhaps change that to a better white color. All the best masakox!!!

  3. This was some great content, Masako!

    I’ve always wanted you to do a Dragon Ball Super what if. A sort of one shot what if. Basically from all the whatifs you’ve done the characters come together for their own tournament of power. Mostly because i just love the idea of multiverse theory.

  4. I really love what if goku married bulma but it seems like it doesnt get as much love. Do you not like that one?

  5. I’m gonna chime in with my own Top 5:

    5. What If Cell Turned Good?

    One that I wouldn’t have originally expected to like so much. Cell (or “Android 21”) as a happy-go-lucky bug-man that’s fond of bear hugs somehow just WORKS (especially when I imagine him having Takahata101’s voice; that just makes it EXTRA funny). I also really enjoyed how he plays off of 17 and 18, and Dabura as the evil voice in the back of 21’s head before becoming the big bad was great.

    4. What If Raditz Turned Good?

    Perhaps an obligatory mention, but you DID do a really good job fleshing out a criminally underutilized character with this one. Ranch is a great addition, Vegeta obtaining Super Saiyan 4 is rather fitting, and R&R is really good so far. Can’t wait to see how that retcon with Future Ranch affects the Android/Cell and Goku Black storylines.

    3. What If Goku Was Female?

    I really like the changes to the character relationships in this. It’s nice to see everybody act more like a team. Chichi taking on an active role as FemGoku’s rival akin to a more friendly Vegeta (at least, that’s what it feels like to me) is awesome. Also, the budding romance between FemGoku and Krillin is cute (I like best friend romances). My only complaint is that I seriously feel like Goku’s name should be something like “Yuko” (“Goku” is technically a male name in Japanese), but that’s nitpicking.

    2. What If Bardock Convinced The Saiyans?

    Bardock leading a small resistance group to oppose a tyrannical space empire? You essentially turned Dragon Ball into Star Wars, and as a big Star Wars fan, I wholeheartedly approve. This goes in a VERY different direction than the original story, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

    1. What If Gine Went With Goku To Earth?

    I believe this was actually the first What If of yours that I watched, and it’s still my favorite. The original timeline completely screwed Gine over, and it’s heartwarming to see her find happiness with her family on Earth. I’m close to my own mother, so maybe that’s part of why this one speaks to me. Hell, I’ve spent the last few months writing that fanfic adaptation you might remember from RandArt a couple weeks ago, so I’m OBVIOUSLY kind of invested.

    By the way, I couldn’t help but notice a certain choice of words when you talked about that one:

    “Now about to head for a potential Super Saiyan boost”

    One does not simply throw out a tease like that without following up. C’mon, Masako, DEW IT. I mean, I won’t UNSUBSCRIBE!!! if you don’t, but it’d be a bummer to not see that Super Saiyan tag team I’ve been hoping for.

    Stay awesome, dude.

  6. I know my favorite will forever be What if Raditz, but the Gine one is my favorite to listen to. I just love her development as a character and her connection with Goku. It’s just so sweet for a mother to spend quality time with her son. Another one of my favorites is What If Nappa Turned Good! I just love how you made Nappa a more uncle-like character, living with the Son family. He’s just so lovable and his story grows on me. So that is my top 3. Honorable mentions for the Female Goku, Good Cell, and Good Broly stories!

  7. What if’s are all awesome gives the show a new reason to be interesting and think about what if

  8. My top 5 what ifs are

    Female goku

    Raditz turn good

    Goku and bulma got married

    Gine came to earth with goku

    What if cell turned good

  9. Personally, I really like the following what if scenarios:

    What if Kid Goku turned Super Saiyan?

    What if Goku married Bulma?

    What if Bardock convinced the Saiyans?

    What if Gohan turned Super Saiyan early?

    What if Frieza and Doctor Gero teamed up?

    Anyone else?

  10. My Top 5 MasakoX ‘What If’ Scenarios:

    #5 – What If Nappa Turned Good?
    #4 – What If Present Cell Turned Good?
    #3 – What If Gine Went To Earth With Goku?
    #2 – What If Goku Married Bulma?
    #1 – What If Raditz Turned Good?

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