Why Might Gine NOT Go Super Saiyan?

Art by Rakara11 – (Twitter: @Rakara11)

Why is this even a question, Masako? You’d be surprised.

For those of you wondering what I am talking about, I am referring to the Gine in my What If Gine Went With Goku to Earth? series of what if content. In that, Gine and Goku (now only called Kakarot) escaped Planet Vegeta’s destruction and started a new life on Earth with Grandpa Gohan, him now still alive and a surrogate father figure for both Saiyan refugees.

In Part 7, we got even closer to seeing the potential Super Saiyan appear in this series. It’s a given that Kakarot will get this transformation…but will his mother? Surely this would be a no brainer. The potential for Kakarot/Goku to reach this form would have been from his parents and Gine’s aptitude and emotional past would make her a prime candidate to attain this power, especially with her keeping her tail.

However, I am not sure that I would want her to get the form, not because she isn’t strong enough (she has proven herself MORE than strong enough and skilled in martial arts), but whether she would be inclined to keep pushing herself…that remains to be seen. At this time (March 2019), Gine is about to take on Second Form Freeza and with her Great Ape Power, she COULD whomp him good, but that’s all she has got left. She had no time to learn Kaioken in previous parts.

Gine has HAD to join the fight since the days of King Piccolo. She had originally wanted to live a peaceful life where she could hide from Freeza on a planet that was free from his influence. With her son Kakarot by her side (and now knowing that her other son Raditz is a free man finally!), she had the chance to be a grandmother to Gohan and not worry about combat…but then Vegeta came along and hurled her back into the foray…and as a result, Freeza’s sphere of influence threatened to consume her again.

Granted, Gine is a Saiyan. A Saiyan has a penchant for fighting and training. It’s not like she HATED combat training. She had fun training with her son on Earth and got joy from seeing him happy, but in her ideal world, she could just do her thing and not have to worry about conflict; Earth was her safe haven (for about a decade or so). However, when she joined her son and they really started to get strong, she did feel the splendour of outclassing those who had bested her back on Planet Vegeta. Seeing the likes of Zarbon and Dodoria amount to nothing against her in Part 7, gave her the ultimate feeling of closure; it felt good to avenge the father of her children, Bardock. She was the one to do it; the one who had been condemned to life in a meatery after floundering on the battlefield. This was payback against the Saiyan class system.

Therefore, there IS an argument to saying that she COULD and WANTS to keep fighting and THEN get Super Saiyan, like her son will. True! Having wiped out Zarbon and Dodoria and now taking on First Form Freeza as an equal, this is enough inspiration to make her find a balance between combat and comfort.

Then again, I get the feeling that if she DID get Super Saiyan, the life she once sought after would be lost forever. Once you get Super Saiyan, it’s hard to shy away from the frontline. Gine would not be able to fade away into the background and let her son take the top spot; she would be there until the day she dies. The Gine she had carved out for herself would be history. It’s a major crossroads for her character and that’s why I am struggling to choose one way or another. I want to do her character justice and so far it’s been a pleasure to offer her that opportunity; and I know that if she did get Super Saiyan, she would deserve it…but is right to her persona? It remains to be seen but I felt the need to air out my thoughts.

So what do you guys think? Why should Gine go Super Saiyan and why might she defer it? Comments are welcome and help spread the word of this website to your pals! Thank you!