Who Is The Strongest Fusion: Gogeta, Radgeta or Goditz?

Art by @SirBaisa of Goditz

Now that the three adult Saiyans have been able to fuse via the Metamoran fusion in some way, it got me thinking. Which out of Goku, Raditz or Vegeta could come together and make the strongest fusion within the What If Raditz Turned Good universe?

Why would I want to do this thought experiment? Well, this website is the perfect platform for me to air my musings that whirl around my head and it also means that you guys get a better insight into my thought process and thusly we can all enjoy the potential that what ifs have and get even more enjoyment out of the whole product!

We may have had the fusion contest in Dragon Ball R&R Episode 1, but this is on a whole other level (and fear not, I will cover the kids’ fusions in a separate post). In this fusion camp, we have of course the well established Gogeta, the flamboyant Goditz and the newcomer from Part 13 of What If Raditz Turned Good – Radgeta. We already covered why Radgeta may be the strongest being in the R&R universe due to the colour theory that Haverok and myself have championed for the past couple of years, but we are asking a question regarding overall capability on the field of battle. How would these fusions fare when in a sparring session, no questions asked on how there are multiple Saiyans!

But first, let’s take a look at a brief summary of the three fighters:

Here comes Gogeta!

There is Gogeta. Gogeta is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta and the MVP of the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie as well as Movie 12 of DBZ. Gogeta’s persona has changed over the years and has crystalised into what we have today. We see a very cocky and confident Saiyan fusion with tremendous power from two Saiyans whose power is pretty much equal and on the level. Keen to demonstrate their skills and get things done ruthlessly sometimes, we see a fighter who has style and a slightly playful side but on the whole is pretty assured of himself! For the sake of clarity, we are using Gogeta from the original timeline.

Goditz stamps down by Jen’s Art

Next up is Goditz, the fusion of Goku and Raditz. Raditz and Goku together provide a very strong fusion thanks to the fact they are blood brothers. Their connected upbringing does contribute to make a very strong opponent when up against anything and in the Part 13 of What If Raditz Turned Good series, it was mooted that he would be the one to quickly off Broly. There was no tension about these two fusing; Goditz was the man! However, there is a major flaw in Goditz’s execution of his power. He’s a show-off!

With Goku’s playful nature and Raditz’s recently acquired flamboyance and pomposity, Goditz can easily get distracted, keen to put a little spitshine on their attacks which can lead to things dawdling and thusly provide an opportunity for the enemy to get the upper hand even if their power is deficient against Goditz. In a contest of personality, Goditz is the clear winner but when it comes to a straight battleā€¦it’s not quite that conclusive. At all.

Art by Malik Torihane

Then there’s Radgeta. Vegeta and Raditz fusing generates a very ruthless and calculating destroyer. Vegeta is at the helm here and despite Raditz adding his calculating and logical brain, his eccentric personality is pushed to the background or at the very least limited to an eagerness for bringing pain to their enemies. If Cheelai hadn’t been around to wish Broly away, Radgeta could’ve easily killed Broly and enjoyed doing so. We all remember Vegeta’s barbaric attack on Basil in the Exhibition Match when he showed up as Super Saiyan 4. Vegeta in this timeline is keen to assert his power despite him not being the strongest outright. Radgeta has this in spades AS WELL AS the power to back it up.

With Balanced Super Saiyan 4 as their highest power, its potential is unpredictable and untested prior to now. The question is though, would Radgeta know when to stop?

So when pitching these three fighters together, each of them have quirks that make them relatively level-pegging. All three fusions have access to god ki in some way (Balanced Super Saiyan 4 has an infusion of it), they all consist of full-blooded Saiyans and they are three of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball. What kind of fight could we expect?

If this were a three-way contest, Radgeta and Gogeta would be the two fusions that would go to the end with Goditz falling to the wayside after underestimating Radgeta’s power having not acquired full-on Super Saiyan Blue. Oops! Goditz’s unreliability in comparison to these fighters is just too much to ignore. Goditz would have a strong start and go right into the thick of it, but Radgeta would quickly read into their movements and lure the form into a mistake and eliminate them.

Now would Gogeta fare better? It’s close but Radgeta would just edge it on the grounds of determination. Goku’s tenacity and adaptibility would make this battle a very fierce one with Gogeta stepping up all the time against Radgeta but Vegeta’s desire to be the best and do so relentlessly would win out. With Raditz’s shrewd fighting brain as well as Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta would have a body in which to FINALLY dominate and even rival the gods of destruction. Gogeta having Instant Transmission would be a big advantage, but with Raditz knowing that technique and how it works, Radgeta could cancel it out if used improperly or frantically. Of course this is all just a case of speculation and in a controlled environment. I think with different environments or different starting points, Gogeta could edge out Radgeta thanks to Goku using his location to his advantage.

Which fusion do you think might be the best in R&R? Leave a comment and thank you for reading!