The Future of MasakoX (2019 Edition)

So. 2019 has been a bit of a mixed bag for the first quarter in terms of the state of play on MasakoX. What does this all mean for you exactly? Well, let me explain the situation and what content you can expect this year.

Of course, all this is subject to change depending on various circumstances but for now, let’s talk about various parts of my channel network. Keep reading to the end for a brief mention of a project I am working on in the world of gaming.

YouTube Performance -

Since the start of 2019, YouTube has been a very mixed bag. Various videos have done rather well in comparison to expectations and then sometimes, videos do not perform well. At all. Experimentation has been rife on the channel with the introduction of sections such as R&Art (showcasing what if fanart) and most recently a weekly news flash show called the Majin News (which I invested new equipment in to make it look as good as possible and close to a real news bulletin). Both videos I am happy with…but the YouTube bots say otherwise.

Subscriber increase and revenue have dropped in 2019 due to outside influences and during February, a huge drop in Dragon Ball searches have contributed to a lot of us community members noticing a dip in subscriber uptake. Having said that, it is still on the increase why the grade is what it is and performance isn’t dire so I shall live and continue to make content for you; but the loss of subscribers and lack of views for new content such as the Majin News is pretty disheartening. The algorithm almost doesn’t you to see it! I shall continue to tweak the format as I want to see this series fly!

Then there is a big elephant in the room – Article 13. It has been tempered somewhat since its introduction last summer but it still has the potential to disrupt the YouTube space around the world and thusly jeopardise my presence on YouTube; in fact any creator’s livelihoods could be muddled up! As a result, this website is being developed on to sustain a presence for which I have control and whatever happens I will not be going anywhere!

On the whole, performance has been OK but it could be better. Let’s hope for Super returning in the summer, eh?

Patreon Performance -

It goes without saying that Patreon has been doing very well in sustaining Dragon Ball R&R’s production as well as keeping the main YouTube channel afloat nicely with new equipment and peace of mind when it comes to the cost of living.

Of course, we could do better and improve the experience for patrons alike (also if you’d like to help yourself, is where it’s at! 

I have plans to add a new $35/month tier for those who wish to help out on R&R or the channel by offering a free sketch from R&R artist Bloomsday as well as a free audio message/ringtone from a cast member of your choice. If that is something you would like to see, leave a comment below. It’s all about aiding the maintenance of the MasakoX brand (should Article 13 nuke the YouTube platform). If there are other tiers you would like to see, feel free to share! 

Merchandise/Music Performance

Now this is something I have struggled with for a long time: producing or designing merch that you guys want to see. Sales have been a little on the low side (but better in person at conventions with the added bonus of fan interaction). I have wanted to enhance this part of the brand but to no avail. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated in that regard. 

Nevertheless, I shall keep trying to improve the store and showcase it here and on the main channel. On the music side, it is better as various tracks continue to draw attention so I plan to work on more of those this year for those who enjoy my covers of songs from anime/pop culture. I also am in the midst of preparing along with our R&R music team the first volume of the show’s soundtrack; we just need to finalise the track list and we should be good to go on that front!

Twitch Performance

Twitch. Ah yes, Twitch. Something that I have floundered with for a while now. Not sure what to play on a regular basis, I have been flitting around various games waiting for the one that I could stick with and master. I had one game, iRacing, that DID fit the bill but current internet woes have tempered that idea for now.

Performance on the site has been less than great but at the same time, it has generated a small community which I love interacting with! If you are one of them, thank you so much for your support and continued watching of my stuff there.

Once I get a handle on the service. I do have plans for it that don’t involve (hopefully) streaming racing games. I am hard at work with Haverok on a role-playing campaign which ISN’T based on D&D, nor Pathfinder. We are using Fate: Accelerated as a base to tell a narrative campaign with less reliance on stat-crunching and more about telling a fun story that audiences can enjoy. We are busy finalising story points and resources and can confirm that Haverok, my researcher buddy, is the GM for it! Expect that in April at the latest.

How can I improve this? Stream more regularly and have a schedule! Simple as that; just gotta be more disciplined!


There are other avenues that I am looking into in order to sustain my brand and place on the internet outside of TeamFourStar. Options include services like Unlocked, a place for anime/video game enthusiasts to stream directly like Periscope as well as a bigger presence on Instagram to satisfy the photographer in me.

Another avenue is into the world of board/card games. I am in early development on working on a card game involving what ifs. What If (This Was A Card Game?) is the improv-driven game where you have to come up with the best scenario and impress your friends using your wits and your luck on what cards you get. Some can make sense and some can be wacky; it’s about how you articulate yourself. Or you can just mess with your opponents and swing the game in your favour.

Filly and I will test this game in private for a couple more months before revealing it online to patrons and then a showcase on the main channel once we can get an idea on how to publish said card game cost-effectively. More to come soon!

All in all, 2019 is a year of solidifying my place doing what I do. No matter what happens, I will do my best to keep this whole adventure going as I embark on my even great one: getting married. Yes, Filly and I got engaged last summer and plan an October wedding. With us starting our live together as husband and wife, the time to knuckle down and legitimise what I do is right now. I hope that I have your support and your time so that I can give you every bit of entertainment possible. Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “The Future of MasakoX (2019 Edition)

  1. Not sure if this is any good but for YouTube why don’t u start a series where you discuss all things Dragon Ball such as your what ifs and things going on in the Dragon Ball community with some of your subscribers over Discord or Skype? It’s just an idea and it may improve fan interaction on YouTube. Just a thought.

    Besides. I’m going to continue to support you no matter what. I’d hate to see you stop doing what you love. Keep having fun and making content not only for your fans but also for yourself.

    Stay Strong Masako

  2. Hey Lawrence/Masako,

    I just wanted to congratulate you and Filly on the engagement. You’re both awesome people, and I wish you both the best in this wonderful endeavor that you’re pursuing.

    You’ve been a part of my life through your various online endeavors for nearly a decade. Watching you grow, both as a brand and a person has been a delight.

    You are without a doubt my favorite part of the Team Four Star brand, and I say that knowing that you are not technically part of the core business. I’ve actually grown to prefer you and your programming over theirs over the last few years.

    All of this is a long, drawn-out way to say: you’ve come far, you’re still going places, and it’s been a delight to watch and be a part of in my limited capacity.

    Congratulations again, and all the best to you both going forward. It couldn’t have happened to two nicer people.

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