Vegito Black: What Happened?

So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably coming from my channel on YouTube with some questions as to why I did what I did with Vegito Black. If not, then check out the what if series in question so you can get caught up with what happened.

Right! In Part 3 of the…let’s say…well-matured what if scenario concerning the idea of Vegetto remaining fused, I changed some things up concerning the Future Trunks arc. Usually, or at least I used to, I kept the Trunks timeline the same for the sake of simplicity. This time though instead of Goku Black showing up, it would be Vegetto Black. Now in terms of power, the potential for this character is enormous. If he had been able to tap into all the powers of a fusion, he could’ve wiped Trunks out instantly. However, much like with the problems of Goku Black, Zamasu had yet to understand the powers that this Saiyan could wield because he hadn’t been tested; much like how Ginyu struggled with Goku’s body in the Namek saga – if you got a fast car, but you don’t know how to drive it fast, then you’re still slow.

So when we get to the point in the story when Vegetto Black is sent back in time to face off against Trunks and disrupt the past, he faces our Vegetto who is fully aware of his power. Now one of the biggest criticisms of the Goku Black arc was Goku himself. His behaviour throughout the entire arc was downright bizarre. He forgot things, he was even more arrogant and trusting than usual and it all led to things that could’ve easily been avoided not being avoided but instead crashed into at breakneck speed! This arc could’ve been curtailed much sooner had Goku been written better – leave a comment if you have a thought on that by the way.

However, Goku isn’t around or at least not on his own. Vegetto is part Vegeta and Vegeta cuts to the chase a lot quicker than Goku does. The only reason Goku Black got away still alive was that Goku toyed with him and played around with this threat instead of taking what Trunks said to heart and offing him there and then. Now though, Vegetto is more likely to listen to Trunks’ story AND be angry that THIS imposter killed Bulma in another timeline as well as the majority of the Earth’s population. HOW DARE HE KILL HIS BULMA!!!!!

This Vegetto is going to still toy with Vegetto but will get bored much faster than before and once he sees that THIS Vegetto Black can’t even go Super Saiyan, what’s the point of dragging this out? Vegeta’s side is not getting a proper challenge and so this waste of space needs to exterminated – and so he is!

I understand if some of you are disappointed that this potential character was squandered but in my what ifs, I try to think like Toriyama in terms of subversion, convenience and keeping things interesting for myself. In various interviews, Toriyama states that he likes to keep himself on his toes and write on a chapter-by-chapter basis with the ending left undecided. For example he states in the Super History Book of Dragon Ball [2016] (translated by Kanzenshuu) that:

“I suppose it comes from my old gag manga habits, since with gag manga you don’t need to work out what will happen later down the road. I just figured it’d be fun to have it like Journey to the West, with the setting always changing, all sorts of different enemies popping up, different locations, etc. The characters fight, get stronger, and the story moves forward, that sort of thing.”

This improvisational narrative style is something I like to emulate in my what ifs and to some it may come across as fan fiction and that is a fair assessment. I am a fan and this is a story – it is fan fiction there is no escaping it! What I CAN do though is emulate the style of Toriyama as best I can. Vegetto’s offing was unexpected and something that surprised people which Toriyama does best. Had my viewers never seen the Goku Black arc before, this would’ve been a subversive twist. A bad guy posed to be the villain for this arc offed within the first five episodes (coughRaditzcough). As we know with past arcs of Dragon Ball, the first bad guy we see isn’t the final bad guy we see. You either get stronger villains or different transformations. It’s a tried and tested formula. Vegetto Black would then lead to Zamasu.

Now some of you are thinking that I’m going to off Zamasu too at the end of Part 3…but the poll I posed doesn’t say anything about finishing Zamasu off. Just that Vegetto fires the beam. Something could get in the way; or someone! Don’t be so quick to assume things – Toriyama wouldn’t want you to with his stories now would he?

2 thoughts on “Vegito Black: What Happened?

  1. I see where you’re going with this and i can definitely say i wasn’t expecting such a twist, though this does beg the question, even though he died, have we seen the last of black? present and future zamasu are both wild cards here, excited to see more.

    • That’s actually a really good point. If Masako is using Toriyama’s mindset then that means it is possible for Vegito Black to reappear. Cause u know time space continuum and all that

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