Why Freeza Listened to Goku…

So it was a very big turning point in the direction of Dragon Ball Z. There was a chance for Freeza to somewhat redeemed or at least live to see another day. At the end of the fight, between Goku and Freeza, Goku allowed Freeza the chance to escape and live out his life not harming other people. As we know, Freeza didn’t take that opportunity and chose to attack Goku with that little bit of ki the Saiyan gave the emperor.

However, in our latest story, Freeza DID choose that option but not for the reasons that Goku had hoped for. He chose to live for another chance to get his revenge on the filthy monkey. Freeza can breathe in space so he doesn’t need his ship per se. He uses the roughly sixty seconds or so to escape the surface of the planet. He has just about gotten far enough away from the planet to dodge the majority of the blast zone. He watches on as the planet that he had hoped to evaporate immediately FINALLY goes out with a bang. Cursing his weakness and lack of an arm, all he can do now is wait for one of his ships to come and check in on him. Luckily for him, that doesn’t take too long.

After that, Freeza basically went through a period of soul searching much like how he did in the period between the end of the Resurrection F saga and the Tournament of Power. He meditated, looked inwards and what not. Only this time, he also had the power and resources of the Freeza Force to build him a new body. With more organic parts than he had in the original story, Freeza was able to truly improve his potential. Now of course, Golden Freeza was beyond him at this point due to his maturity being nowhere near as prevalent as it is a couple of decades later in hell. For now, Freeza is able to focus on the power that his brother Cooler had and attain a Fifth Form which is now his final form.

So why did I do that? Well, it was to do with the fact that Freeza would clearly not listen to Goku’s demand to turn over a new leaf and not harm another life. Give up his wicked ways and give up his title as emperor of the galaxy and the Freeza Force. Despite knowing that Goku may be out there, Freeza took a chance. If that monkey could get stronger, so can he. He had all this power available to him without having lifted a finger in terms of training. With a little more practice, he could truly outwit that Super Saiyan form and show that that legend was nothing but a false hope.

I did consider that maybe Freeza would venture into a path of solitude and then come back to reassert his dominance years later…but then I felt that that wouldn’t right for his character. Freeza is a very bitter person and has never been challenged in all his life. Now that he has been bested, he will want to right that wrong quickly and in both this and the original scenario, he does just that!

This Freeza had the determination to see through this new plan. He was going to rise again and tighten his grasp on the galaxy which, thanks to Goku, had begun to slip. He remembered that despite the events of Namek, he was by far the strongest being in the universe and so if Goku is either gone or indisposed, things can go on as they were. Freeza is a very stubborn person and so his vigour and vitriol to prove the Saiyan wrong would be extremely high. Even when he didn’t listen to Goku and barely survived in the original story, his plan was to go to Earth immediately and face Goku with his new mechanical body. With more of his body intact and being conscious the entire time, the tyrant had more time to upgrade himself, train himself and prove to himself that he is worthy of being the emperor…that is if he can find Goku.

Part 2 of this what if confirmed that Goku was alive and that, thanks to your votes, they would bump into each other sooner or later. Freeza would keep composed and calm to show that even though he had lost most of his body to Goku, he would show that the undignified way that he lost said body mattered not! There is clearly enough motivation for Freeza to keep going. One thing is for sure, he would never give up and he would never become a truly good guy much like we see in the Universe Survival Arc. Yes, he may be more mature but he’s no less evil; this what if has proved the same thing only with a much more robotic path.

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