Ranch: What She Represents

Ranch. She is probably one of the most interesting original characters I’ve ever made. I’ve made a few in my time from various franchises as well as projects of my own that either made the light of day or didn’t. I like that sort of thing! The image above (drawn by the excellent Nexus Mania ) perfectly encapsulates the feel I have going for her: Pluck, Logic, Confidence as well as a sense of Fun! Let me explain what I mean and how, in a way, she belongs to everyone who is a fan of Dragon Ball!

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The Future of MasakoX (2019 Edition)

So. 2019 has been a bit of a mixed bag for the first quarter in terms of the state of play on MasakoX. What does this all mean for you exactly? Well, let me explain the situation and what content you can expect this year.

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My Top 5 Favourite What Ifs

It’s quite right to say that I have a lot of what ifs on the go on the MasakoX channel…I need to finish some of them that’s for sure. However, over the last couple of years, I have certainly come to love some of the series more than others.

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