FAQ – “But Masako…”

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding my work as well as TFS work that I can talk about. More questions and answers will appear over time.

Can I submit a What If to you?
Yes, you can. You can submit them via the Contact form via the menu. However, I cannot promise that your what if will be selected; but I will at least see it.

Do you know when the next DBZA will come out?
I am afraid not. KaiserNeko is the sole editor of the production, so it’s best to check out his social media accounts for the latest updates.

When is the next R&R episode out?
Each episode of R&R has to be created from scratch with artists working on individual scenes which involves storyboarding, inking and compositing with our background artists. When you combine that with our artists’ other commitments, episodes can be expected every 3 months or so with some exceptions. Keep an eye out on the hashtag #DragonBallRR on Twitter for the latest.

Are you going to my local convention?
Conventions are part of what I do in terms of interacting with my audience. However, I do not approach conventions directly (unless it is to be a vendor). For guest appearances, it is best to suggest me to your local con and see where that goes. For a list of conventions I will be attending in 2019, you can check out the upcoming Conventions List from the left-side menu.

Can you voice in my production?
It depends. I have a busy schedule so I cannot commit to every single request for voiceover work, but I will try my best to at least consider opportunities.