This episode was first uploaded in August 2011. This is where things properly get going for the penultimate episode of Kämpfer Abridged. It’s been a good nine weeks but we’re almost at the end. It was only now when it started to dawn on me that I was near the end of the season’s main arc. Some of my favourite jokes are in here and I got a chance to have some fun with editing some non-canon gags. Enjoy!

MasakoX – Natsuru
whip0falchemy – Shizuku
Nowacking – Sakura
takahata101 – Kampfer!Akane, Harakiri Tiger
sakurasenpai2008 – Akane
Rina-chan – Mikoto
PurpleEyesWTF – The Soldier
Kirbopher – The Doctor
hbi2k – The Engineer
xthedarkone – The Sniper
LittleKuriboh – Seppuku Bunny
KaiserNeko – Kanden Kitty
Lanipator – Hung Hound, Kampfer!Mikoto

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