This episode was first uploaded in September 2011. This final episode of the main storyline of Kämpfer Abridged. After ten weeks of uploads, we’re at an end with the main story. I wanted to give this a good sendoff so the amount of eighties music and cheesy drama went skywards. All the cast did a great job as they have done in the previous episodes. I had fun making this but was somewhat sad when it came to finishing it. I know there’s a Christmas special and a two-part OVA ‘second season’ but the OVA was terrible and the Christmas special has been really had to figure out…doesn’t mean it won’t happen though. Thanks for watching!

MasakoX – Natsuru
whip0falchemy – Shizuku
Nowacking – Sakura
takahata101 – Kampfer!Akane, Harakiri Tiger
sakurasenpai2008 – Akane
Rina-chan – Mikoto
PurpleEyesWTF – The Soldier
Kirbopher – The Doctor
hbi2k – The Engineer
xthedarkone – The Sniper
LittleKuriboh – Seppuku Bunny
KaiserNeko – Kanden Kitty
Lanipator – Hung Hound, Kampfer!Mikoto
Antfish – Burnt Alive Lion

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