Episode 6 was originally released in November 2010. Episode 6 introduced Mikoto, the childhood friend, into the mix and gave me the chance to finally call on the talents of Kira Buckland [Rina-chan] in a production! This episode marked the last in the initial batch of episodes. After that, I experienced issues on uploading the series to YouTube and this led to a hiatus of the show until May 2011.

MasakoX – Natsuru, Higashida
Nowacking – Sakura
takahata101 – Harakiri Tiger, Kampfer!Akane
sakurasenpai2008 – Akane
Rina-chan – Mikoto
LittleKuriboh – Seppuku Bunny
Lanipator – Kampfer!Mikoto
KaiserNeko – Kanden Kitty
whip0falchemy – Shizuku
SaiyaSerenityV – Class President
somatosensation – Vice President
Nozawa – Treasurer

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