This episode was first uploaded in July 2011. In the original version of Kämpfer, this is where things started to finally happen! The end game was finally on its way as was the whole Team Fortress 2 schtick with the addition of the rest of Sakura’s crew. It was great to work with loads of other cast members for this episode and it felt really dynamic and was a joy to edit. It was about now that I felt that the show was really growing on me. Also, BEACH PARTY EPISODE!

MasakoX – Natsuru, Guy 1, The Doctor
whip0falchemy – Shizuku
Nowacking – Sakura
takahata101 – Kampfer!Akane, Harakiri Tiger, Guy 2
sakurasenpai2008 – Akane
Rina-chan – Mikoto
PurpleEyesWTF – The Soldier
xthedarkone – The Sniper
LittleKuriboh – Seppuku Bunny
KaiserNeko – Kanden Kitty
Lanipator – Hung Hound

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