Key Characters: Ranch

Ranch is the daughter of Raditz and Launch in the series Dragon Ball R&R (voiced by Courtney Meeker). Ranch is a “half-Saiyan” whose mind is driven by logic and smarts. In her friendship group, she is often dubbed “the sensible one” often saving Goten and Trunks from themselves.

Despite her cool and amiable nature, she is very quick to doubt herself when things get tough and doesn’t like emotional conflict. Her personality is very much like her mother only without the overt transformation; like a blend of the two. What she gets from her father is the analytical and calculating mind that kept Raditz alive during the time after Planet Vegeta blew up. 

In R&R Season 1, she is bordering on ten years old (the oldest of the kids in DBR2) with her birthday on July 10th (which is when the first part of the What If series she featured in debuted.). 

Current Techniques

Double Sunday
Takeout Tuesday
Backflip Friday
Meteor Crash
Super Saiyan