Who Is The Strongest Fusion: Gogeta, Radgeta or Goditz?

Now that the three adult Saiyans have been able to fuse via the Metamoran fusion in some way, it got me thinking. Which out of Goku, Raditz or Vegeta could come together and make the strongest fusion within the What If Raditz Turned Good universe? Why would I want to do this thought experiment? Well, this website is the perfect platform for me to air my musings that whirl around my head and it also means that you guys get a better insight into my thought process and thusly we can all enjoy the potential that what ifs have and get even more enjoyment out of the whole product! We may have had the fusion contest in Dragon Ball R&R Episode 1, but this is on a whole other level (and fear not, I will cover the kids’ fusions in a separate post). In this fusion camp, we have of course the well established Gogeta, the flamboyant Goditz and the

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Why Might Gine NOT Go Super Saiyan?

Why is this even a question, Masako? You’d be surprised. For those of you wondering what I am talking about, I am referring to the Gine in my What If Gine Went With Goku to Earth? series of what if content. In that, Gine and Goku (now only called Kakarot) escaped Planet Vegeta’s destruction and started a new life on Earth with Grandpa Gohan, him now still alive and a surrogate father figure for both Saiyan refugees. In Part 7, we got even closer to seeing the potential Super Saiyan appear in this series. It’s a given that Kakarot will get this transformation…but will his mother? Surely this would be a no brainer. The potential for Kakarot/Goku to reach this form would have been from his parents and Gine’s aptitude and emotional past would make her a prime candidate to attain this power, especially with her keeping her tail. However, I am not sure that I would want her to

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Balanced Super Saiyan 4: Why Radgeta May Be The Strongest Fighter in What If Multiverse

[AUDIO VERSION ABOVE] So if you’re reading this, then you have come from What If Raditz Turned Good Part 13 where you were introduced to a character named Radgeta; the fusion of Vegeta and Raditz. You’re probably wondering where this idea came from? Well, it came from you! Out of the blue, on my Dragon Ball R&R Art videos, there was an influx of art concerning Radgeta, the fusion I talked about. I had no idea it was such an interesting concept…but after more thought I was captivated with the notion and I must thank you for your enthusiastic ideas; the community can truly come up with fun thought experiments! The concept of Radgeta works on many levels, two especially! First, this combination of Vegeta and Raditz is the culmination of the story arc that has been around since the first time Raditz and Vegeta worked together back in the days of the Freeza Force. Over the course of the

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